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Ex- Cowboy Involved In Attempted Car Jacking

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          Apparently monday night in Dallas Ex- Cowboy Michael Irvin while stopped at a red light, had two unknown men pull up beside him and attempt to “jack him up”! The Playmaker thought someone was trying to talk to him, but then the passenger pulled a gun on him. Then the two would be car jackers realized he was a Dallas Cowboy.

Follow me after the break to view the never before seen photo of what happened next>>>>>>>

Michael Irvin.jpgAs you can see people in Dallas are still a little upset!

  • Mike D

    LMFAO- Only Dallas!!! at least your fans are as thuggish as your players….

  • bags030404

    This coming from a fan of a team that has players that go out and carry guns into clubs and then shoot THEMSELVES! Car jackings and dipshits shooting themselves happens more in New York than any other place in the country! You need to look at your own situation before you start shooting off at the mouth, you give credible Giants fans a bad name!