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Dallas Cowboys Move Barber Behind Felix Jones?

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        Last week Jerry Jones made a statement that really caught my ear, “our offense needs to become more Romo friendly”. Now while I completely agree with this statement, I wondered just what he had in mind.

       This blog particularly has been screaming to the heavens, that the Cowboys need to play to Tony’s strengths and having him stand back in the pocket waiting for a triple move route to open, is not one of them! After the break we take an in depth look at what specific things might Jerry be talking about!

        When it comes to the Cowboys offense, they are only going as far as Tony Romo takes them. So it only makes since to make sure that the game plan is putting him in successful situations. The addition of Roy Williams(the good one) should have lessened the pressure on him, but as we all know that did not come to fruition last year. There are several reasons as to why this did not work like we had all hoped for in ’08 campaign.
Felix.jpg        The first reason why the Roy Williams addition did not go like we hoped for in my opinion was the loss of Felix Jones. Why? Well when the Cowboys lost their only speed option, the opposing defenses were then allowed the luxury of not worrying about anyone running by them. They could simply load up the middle of the field with the confidence that they would be quick enough to shut down the outside. This gave teams like Pittsburgh, Baltimore, and Philadelphia the ability to bring their safeties up during run situations, and then to let them sit back and play center field in passing situations.

         Today I heard an interview with Jerry Jones. He was asked about the possibility of moving Marion Barber to the back up role. Jerry’s response said all I needed to hear.

Jerry Jones:

 “Well we just feel that that is an area that we need to look at closely. You know that is where Marion has had most of his success, coming in when the defense is worn down. That allows Marion to use his best attribute, his toughness.”

       If Felix Jones is strong and healthy by the time the season starts no one should be shocked if he is the starting tailback of the Dallas Cowboys! Personally I think this is a smart move. The Cowboys must find a way to get Felix the ball more than they did last year. One or two plays a game is just not going to get it done. Plus Marion Barber can get back to being “The Barberian”! What do you think? 

  • BTreece

    Absolutely, Jones is a feature back, but in today’s NFL feature backs don’t carry the full load successfully. They need a change up back, and Barber made a name for himself as a change up back, why mess with what worked so well.
    Only this time around, instead of having a Jones with a tiny burst and okay vision out there, we’ve got a Jones with a huge burst and the vision to get down field in a hurry.

  • mfulfer1970

    I agree 100% Felix Jones needs to touch the ball a min. Of 20 -25 time a game. No matter if he is the starter or not.

  • BOB

    Choice should start. I don’t think it’s even a question.

  • bigg e

    felix is part cat

  • bags030404

    I am a big fan of Tashard! He will get some carries too, but Felix is just too quick to not have him on the field!

  • http://acowboynation.com/ bags030404

    Felix is much better than I ever gave him credit for at Arkansas! He can do so many things, we should see him used a ton this year.

  • Pierce34

    I am very excited to see what this offense can do with everyone healthy…and boy am I glad that Captain Ass Bag is gone!