It’s not helping Patrick Crayton to be out right now

It’s not helping Patrick Crayton to be out right now


    I know that Patrick Crayton is feeling pretty upset right now, but this really isn’t the way to go by handling it. There are several other ways to express your feelings about your football ability on a certain team. Being absent to OTA’s and mini-camps is not helping  his side of the argument. You can’t just kick and scream to get your way in the NFL. I learned that at an early age when Mom or Dad got tired of any temper tantrum I would provoke in public with my rear meeting the palm of their hand. Now as for a grown man, that’s a different story. I would really like to understand everything that is going on with this. Is there some sort of hidden story going on at the Ranch, or does he really feel that Jerry Jones is out to ruin his career and… his life?

     To me, none of this mounts up to making sense. I know that Crayton has voiced his opinion before about issues that Cowboys fans feel should of just slid by…but why such a big voice about this? I just assumed that he understood that he has a job and it’s to show up to camp and catch footballs with his teammates.

     I am very grateful for everything Crayton has done for this team over the years. I know that he has gotten the ‘shaft’ on many occasions. Fortunately every time he has shown up to prove himself the following week, and on through the rest of the season. It just seems very simple to me that all Crayton needs to do is show up to camp and do what he has always done..proven himself. That’s what every player does every day of being in the NFL. Tony Romo needs to always prove that he is good enough of a Quarterback to lead the Dallas Cowboys to a Super Bowl victory. DeMarcus Ware needs to prove that his 20 sack season wasn’t a fluke. Roy Williams needs to prove that he can play just as good at Dallas as what he did in Detroit. Miles Austin needs to prove that he can keep on performing the way he did last year after his break out game against the Kansas City Chiefs. Keith Brooking needs to prove that he can still play at a high caliber after 13 years in the league. Sean Lee needs to prove that he can play with the pros after teams passing on him in the draft cause of his ACL tear. The list continually never ends.

     Now, my opinion on handling such a situation would be to not focus on talking… but to focus on playing hard on the field, working hard off the field, and improving my ability as an NFL receiver every day. He is clearly putting his focus in the wrong direction. With him being out right now, that is allowing a lot of younger guys to step in and get a better chance at taking 84′s spot. These are young and hungery guys who dive into any slightly open crack of an opportunity. Those guys who are with the team right now are focused! Let me repeat myself..they are FOCUSED! Focused on their individual play and the playing ability of the team as a whole. They are focused on their job and the ultimate goal. They are not focused on talking with the media about how they feel they need to fit into an organization. Talking to the media is just something that is a requirement that many guys don’t always feel like doing. The media shouldn’t be an outlet for your frustrations.

     There was a reason why Jerry, Stephen and Wade decided to clean house before last year… because there was too much controversy going on…way too much. Even the constant comments from Greg Ellis were getting old, and look at what happened to him after a 1 year stint in Oakland. Patrick Crayton is a big key to this team. Patrick and Tony have a chemistry that takes years to develop. Crayton isn’t a superstar on this team but he gives us everything that is still vital to winning a championship. He is a very good third receiver to be placed in the slot. He had a couple of excellent touchdown runs on punt returns too. He is that guy who we all know can fill in a second or even first receiver role any time someone gets hurt.

     Maybe Patrick is wanting to show to people that he is worth the money that Jerry spent on him a few years back. Maybe that is the issue…? I know that I am trying to psychologically analyze this whole ordeal. Something just doesn’ t aggrevates me about this whole situation. It seems like the Dallas Cowboys are looking very positive right now… I just don’t understand what the whole uprise of feeling betrayed by Jerry is all about. 

     Whatever it is it needs to get sorted out and Dallas needs to get back to their main focus. That’s being a team and everyone finding a way to contribute to the ultimate goal. We all love you Crayton!… for everything that you have done for this team. You have gotten yourself through many criticisms that typically come with being a Dallas Cowboy, but don’t let things end like this. I feel that Patrick Crayton is a tremendous commodity to this organization and needs to get back on the field and do all those positive things that he knows how to do. If not then I guess we will be talking about how good (or bad) the Cowboys will play in 2010 without Number 84 on the team. That guy who gives Tony Romo assurance on catching balls during drastic situations. Someone who knows the ends and outs of this offense. Let’s get back to playing football…and proving ourselves as a team.

    I am currently living in Wheeling, West Virginia. I grew up in the same hometown as Chuck Howley...a small suburban ('Wonder Years' type) town called Warwood. I graduated West Liberty State College in 2005 with a Bachelors in Science in Sociology and Business Administration with a specialization in Marketing. I have always had a passion for writing but have never done anything publicly before. I figured getting on to this site was a good way for me to express my passion through the team that I am completely obsessed with. For those people reading this, who are not from this area and want something to associate my college with, West Liberty is the same small college as the Superstar Country singer Brad Paisley attended. I have been a Dallas Cowboys fan all my life, thanks to my dad and my brother. My dad's side of the family is from the south and have always been Cowboys fans. It was hard for us to follow the Cowboys throughout the 80s, but there was still always that dedication. Also, not to mention that Wheeling is a 30 to 45 minute drive from Pittsburgh, so we are completely infested with Steeler (Squeeler) fans (I know them way too well). So pretty much my entire life has always been to stand up for America's Team again the ugly black and gold. Constant bickering between friends in this valley, but always stayed strong to my team. I guess that I absolutely committed to that decision a few years back when I got the star tattooed on my right's a beautiful thing. I highly recommend it to all die-hard Dallas Cowboys fans. But through all the Terrible Towel twirling crap, I have to mention that my girlfriend and her family are from Philadelphia and are Eagles (E-girls) fans. But we still love each other deeply. She just has to get serious tongue lashing 2 to 3 times a year...things get pretty tense and nervous around us during those few times of the year, but we always make light of everything. I never hold over her head that we swept them this year with a '3 timer', along with one of thos being a shut out...I NEVER bring that up a lot!!!!
    • Mr. Bozeman

      With Austin, Bryant and Williams on the roster I don't think that him being out is going to have that big of an impact on the team. Of course it is not going to help him, but it definitely won't hurt the team as a whole too much. What is Crayton fighting for? The third or fourth spot on the depth chart?

      Oh, by the way. Your homepage isnt displaying right in the latest version of Chrome. A lot of the “Read More's” are not visible.